Andrew Villeneuve


M.S. Student in Intercampus Marine Science Graduate Program

B.A. Bowdoin College

Personal website

Andrew graduated with a Bachelor’s in Biology from Bowdoin College in 2016, taking advantage of the excellent coastal resources to focus on marine ecology. Before coming to UMass Amherst, he’s worked as an aquaculture research technician for the Hurricane Island Foundation in Maine, researched freshwater ecology on the Caribbean island of Dominica with Operation Wallacea, and led backpacking trips for high schoolers in West Virginia. He is excited to be in the Cheng lab as a Master’s student in the Intercampus Marine Science Graduate Program. He will be focusing his research on the rates of local adaptation in populations of the marine snail Urosalpinx cinerea across latitudinal gradients on the Pacific and Atlantic coasts of North America. The patterns of adaptation these geographically separated populations show in their growth rates will help inform how organisms will react to climate change.