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In review

Zabin, C.J., A. Chang, J. Blumenthal, B.S. Cheng. When they go low, we go high: exploring intertidal refugia as an approach for the restoration of an intertidal oyster. 

Published or in press

Sasaki, M., J.M. Barley, S. Gignoux-Wolfsohn, C.G. Hays, M.W. Kelly, A.B. Putnam, S. N. Sheeth, A.R. Villeneuve, B.S. Cheng. (2022) Greater evolutionary divergence of thermal limits within marine than terrestrial species. Nature Climate Change 12:1175-1180 | Press Release

Sasaki, M. and B.S. Cheng. (2022) Populations adapt more to temperature in the ocean than on land.
Nature Climate Change 12: 1098-1099. Research Briefing

Ashton, G.V.,  A.L. Freestone,  J.E. Duffy, M.E. Torchin, B.J. Sewall, B. Tracy, M. Albano,  A.H. Altieri, L.Altvater, R. Bastida-Zavala, A. Bortolus, A. Brante, V. Bravo, N. Brown, A. H. Buschmann, E. Buskey, R.C. Barrera, B.S. Cheng, R. Collin, R. Coutinho, L. De Gracia, G.M. Dias, C. DiBacco, A.A.V. Flores, M.A. Haddad, Z. Hoffman, B.I. Erquiaga, D. Janiak, A.J.Campeán, I. Keith, J.Leclerc, O.P. Lecompte-Pérez, G.O. Longo, H. Matthews-Cascon, C.H McKenzie, J. Miller, M. Munizaga, L.P. D Naval-Xavier, S.A. Navarrete, C. Otálora, L.A. Palomino-Alvarez, M.G. alomo, C. Patrick, C. Pegau, S. V Pereda, R.M. Rocha, C. Rumbold, C. Sánchez, A. Sanjuan-Muñoz, C. Schlöder, E. Schwindt, J. Seemann, A. Shanks, N. Simoes, L. Skinner, N. Yolimar Suárez-Mozo, M. Thiel, N. Valdivia, X. Velez-Zuazo, E. A. Vieira, B. Vildoso, I.S. Wehrtmann, M. Whalen, L. Wilbur, G.M. Ruiz (2022) Predator control of marine communities increases with temperature across 115 degrees of latitude. Science 376:1215-1219

Cheng, B.S., J. Blumenthal, A.L. Chang, J.M. Barley, M.C. Ferner, K.J. Nielsen, G.M. Ruiz, C.J. Zabin. (2022) Severe introduced predator impacts despite attempted functional eradication. Biological Invasions 24:725-739 | code and data | San Francisco Chronicle

Barley, J. M., B.S. Cheng, M. Sasaki, S. Gignoux-Wolfsohn, C.G. Hays, A.B. Putnam, S. Sheeth, A.R. Villeneuve, M.W. Kelly. (2021) Limited plasticity in thermally tolerant ectotherm populations: evidence for a trade-off. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 288:20210765 | code | data

Villeneuve, A.R., L.M. Komoroske, B.S. Cheng. (2021) Environment and phenology shape local adaptation in thermal performance.
Proceedings of the Royal Society B 288:20210741 | code | data

Villeneuve, A.R., L.M. Komoroske, B.S. Cheng. (2021) Diminished warming tolerance and plasticity in low latitude populations of a marine gastropod.
Conservation Physiology 9:coab039 | pdf | code and data

Hollarsmith, J.A., J.S. Sadowski, M.M.M. Picard, B.S. Cheng, J. Farlin, A. Russell, E.D. Grosholz. (2020) Relative effects of event-driven estuarine acidification (EA) on growth and survival of native and commercial oysters. Limnology and Oceanography 65:224-235 | data

Banerjee, S.M., C.D. Allen, T. Schmitt, B.S. Cheng, J. A. Seminoff, T. Eguchi, L. M. Komoroske. (2019) Baseline health parameters of eastern Pacific green turtles at Southern California foraging grounds. Chelonian Conservation and Biology 18:163-174.

Cheng, B.S., A.H. Altieri, M.E. Torchin, G.M. Ruiz (2019) Can marine reserves restore lost ecosystem function? A global synthesis. Ecology 100:e02617 pdfdata

Highlighted in Nature Sustainability | Science Daily

Cheng, B.S., G.M. Ruiz, A.H. Altieri, M.E. Torchin. (2019) The biogeography of invasion in tropical and temperate seagrass beds: testing interactive effects of predation and propagule pressure. Diversity and Distributions 25:285-297 pdf | data

Bible, J.M., B.S. Cheng, A.L. Chang, M.C. Ferner, K. Wasson, C.J. Zabin, M. Latta, E. Sanford, A. Deck, E.D. Grosholz (2017) Timing of stressors alters interactive effects on a coastal foundation species. Ecology 98:2468-2478 pdf

Cheng, B.S., L.M. Komoroske, E.D. Grosholz (2017) Trophic sensitivity of invasive predator and native prey interactions: integrating environmental context and climate change. Functional Ecology 31:642-652 pdf | data

Capital Public Radio NPR | Seeker Discovery News | Grist

Cheng, B.S., A.L. Chang, A. Deck, M.C. Ferner (2016) Atmospheric rivers and the mass mortality of wild oysters: insight into an extreme future?
Proceedings of the Royal Society B 283:20161462 pdf | data

Southern California Public Radio NPRLA Times | Science News | Motherboard VICE | Marin Independent Journal  +cartoon! | International Business Times | National Resources Defense Council

Cheng, B.S. and E.D. Grosholz (2016) Environmental stress mediates trophic cascade strength and resistance to invasion. Ecosphere 7 (4): e01247. 10.1002/ecs2.1247 pdf

Cheng, B.S., J.M. Bible, A.L. Chang, M.C. Ferner, K. Wasson, C.J. Zabin, M. Latta, A. Deck, A.E. Todgham, E.D. Grosholz (2015)
Testing local and global stressor impacts on a coastal foundation species using an ecologically realistic framework. Global Change Biology 21:2488-2499 pdf

Williams, S.L., N. Janetski, S. Blankenhorn, J. Abbott, B.S. Cheng, E. Crafton, D. Trockel (2014)
Ornamental marine species culture in the coral triangle: seahorse demonstration project in the Spermonde Islands, Sulawesi, Indonesia.
Environmental Management doi: 10.1007/s00267-014-0343-6 pdf

Komoroske, L.M., R. Connon, J. Lindberg, B.S. Cheng, G. Castillo, M. Hasenbein, N. Fangue (2014)
Ontogeny influences sensitivity to climate change stressors in an endangered fish. Conservation Physiology 2:cou008-cou008 pdf

Kimbro, D.L., B.S. Cheng, E.D. Grosholz (2013) Biotic resistance in marine environments. Ecology Letters 16:821-833 pdf

Woodson, C.B., J.A. Barth, O.M. Cheriton, M.A. McManus, J.P. Ryan, L. Washburn, K.N. Carden, B.S. Cheng, J. Fernandes, L.E. Garske, T.C. Gouhier, A.J. Haupt, K.T. Honey, M.F. Hubbard,   A. Iles, L. Kara, M.C. Lynch, B. Mahoney, M. Pfaff, M.L. Pinsky, M.J. Robart, J.S. Stewart, S.J. Teck, A. True (2011) Observations of internal wave packets propagating along-shelf in northern Monterey Bay. Geophysical Research Letters 38: L01605.

Cheng, B.S. and K.A. Hovel (2010) Biotic resistance to invasion along an estuarine gradient. Oecologia 164:1049-1059. pdf


Kerstin Wasson, Chela Zabin, Jillian Bible, Elena Ceballos, Andrew Chang, Brian Cheng,  Anna Deck, Ted Grosholz, Marilyn Latta, Matt Ferner. (2014)
A Guide to Olympia Oyster Restoration and Conservation. pdf guidecover

Cheng, B.S. and E. Gaskin, editors. (2011) Climate Impacts to the Nearshore Marine Environment and Coastal Communities: American Samoa and Fagatele Bay National Marine Sanctuary. Marine Sanctuaries Conservation Series ONMS-11-05. U.S. Department of Commerce, NOAA, Office of National Marine Sanctuaries, Silver Spring, MD. 71 pp. pdf


Largier, J.L, Cheng, B.S., and Higgason, K.D., editors. (2010) Climate Change Impacts: Gulf of the Farallones and Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuaries. Report of a Joint Working Group of the Gulf of the Farallones and Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuaries Advisory Councils. Marine Sanctuaries Conservation Series ONMS-11-04.  U.S. Department of Commerce, NOAA, Office of National Marine Sanctuaries, Silver Spring, MD. 121 pp. pdf


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