Brian S. Cheng

*** September 2017, I will begin a new appointment as Assistant Professor at UMass Amherst in the Department of Environmental Conservation ***

Scientist-in-Residence Fellow
Shoals Marine Laboratory
c/o Judd Gregg Marine Research Complex
29 Wentworth Road
New Castle, NH 03854
bscheng at gmail dot com
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I am an ecologist and I use laboratory and field approaches to ask questions about nature. My interests are general but I’m particularly focused on the interplay between environmental stress (climate change and local stressors), species invasions, and species interactions (e.g. predation). Lately, I’ve been working towards integrating ecology and biogeography. I mostly collect empirical data, but I also synthesize known data to gain insight into how marine ecosystems work.

Wilson Beta KomoCheng

Lab mascot and source of never ending affection. Expertise: finding bird carcasses in the intertidal zone and consumption experiments.

Wilson prepares for a backward roll entry.

My trusty sidekick, Wilson, helping me do some field work in Tomales Bay. Note the Type-DOG PFD, safety first!

Wilson helps Brian do some field work in Tomales Bay. Note the type-DOG pfd. Safety first!