R and stats

R is a statistical computing language. It is at the same time glorious and frustrating. These pages will serve as a library of useful R scripts and tricks that we have created or come across. If you’re new to R, start here.


  1. Modeling logistic growth in R
  2. Logistic regression in R
  3. Modeling completely separated data in R
  4. Randomization/Permutation Tests in R
  5. Primer on Generalized Linear Mixed Models in R


  1. Stacked time series in R
  2. Spatial data using ‘raster’ in R
  3. Oceanography data using ‘oce’ in R

Data Manipulation

  1. Wide to long format in R
  2. Simulating data in R – a quick reference

Statistics is a tool. Here are some useful resources for honing your craft.

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